Tze n Looking Glass

(renamed TO ensemble as of Oct 2015)



"Music reminds us of the Simple, Beautiful Things in Life we have Forgotten"




Inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, I created the Looking Glass ensemble to explore the idea of music being a wonderland full of magical journeys and adventures. To me each piece of music created was a special, unique world of its own . The fact that music for me was a constant journey of self discovery and pursuit of new ideas, dreaming up the at times impossible / unimaginable inspired me to create music for an ensemble, to share and bring others along on this never-ending fascinating journey.


I see music as always two sides of the mirror - firstly a reflection of our humanity, who and what we are and secondly a portal (think sequel to Alice in wonderland - Through the Looking Glass!) to our dreams, infinite possibilities. It is a name that encompasses a philosophy for music I truly believe in and an ideal I am forever led by.


The concept of wonderland being a colourful, place full of life, interesting characters is a constant source of inspiration for me - the music is not just a playground where we explore, have fun, meet others like-minded, but in the context of Singapore, a true cultural melting pot, a gateway of sorts between East and West. Tze n Looking Glass is an ensemble where musicians from different musical traditions / backgrounds come together in friendship with a common love for music, to explore possibilities and create/ go on new journeys together.


The music is often inspired by life, mythology and technological progress and evolution of human society. It can be loosely described as a fusion of film score, jazz, Chinese/Indian music, European classical music; much of it is also inspired by Anime/video game soundtracks and orchestral scores.


The ensemble brings together musicians from jazz, classical, Chinese, carnatic (south Indian) music backgrounds and from different parts of the world, and all walks of life. We have musicians from Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries, from students, music graduates, music enthusiast expats working here to semi-professional and professional musicians, who are renowned soloists.


photo by Stefen Chow

photo by Stefen Chow

Tze Toh

Music Director/Composer

Tze n Looking Glass orchestra/ensemble