Featured Work: Sepia Rain

Composed in 2008, this piece was first re-arranged for dance production Beyond 2011, for the dance Lost Memories, choreographed by Dan Kwoh.

The main theme of this piece was first conceived during an improvisation session for young dancers for a RAD summer camp back in 2008, and is a work that reflects my love for the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto and European film music. The music expresses this relentless energy for life, seeking colour in a world at times seemingly devoid of emotion, love, passion. I imagined this music as a scene in a movie, where the rain comes in a scene shot in sepia, and washes away the monotone of the surface of every person, living thing, revealing the colours underneath. This piece remains one of my favourite works from early part of my journey as a composer.

This version was re-arranged for the Singapore Youth Festival Closing Ceremony 2016 (July 3rd 2016), for dance, Chase that Rainbow choreographed by Dan Kwoh, and rerformed by Henderson Sec School and St Anthony's Secondary