Open sharing session: Improvisation/Jazz piano

I will be doing an open sharing session for my new Improvisation/Jazz piano course for adults/young people at Coronation Music School.

Email or contact Coronation Music School at 6467 3883 to RSVP.


15th Mar : 5-6pm (beginner)      8-9pm (intermediate)

19th Mar: 3-4pm (beginner)       6-7pm (intermediate)


Improvisation/jazz piano is a course that teaches:
- improvising/playing piano with little or no notation involved
- based on listening, knowledge of chords, visual recognition of hand shapes and patterns
- understanding the language of rhythms, and its applications
- playing in various musical genres/styles, grooves

This course is for:
- beginner piano players who wish to be able to play fluently
- intermediate piano players who wish to explore more intricate, sophisticated arrangements, using more colourful chords, rhythms and more expressive ways of playing the piano,
- classically-trained pianist interested in playing jazz or experiment with other genres/styles


I will demonstrate how one, by accumulating different layers of knowledge, technique can be able express him or herself freely at the piano either in free form or working with chord charts, basic melodies, scales or ideas etc. There will be a Q&A session.


Coronation Music School Pte Ltd.

Address: 587 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269707

Phone:6467 3883

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